We believe in addition to developing one's voice and musicality, being a part of the YVR POP CHOIR community can be a life-changing opportunity for young people.

Although we are an 18+ choir, we allow two exceptions to the age rule to develop gifted, committed and hard-working young singers.  


Below are the two young vocalists who made the cut!


Olivia is the youngest member of YVR POP CHOIR, clocking in at 12 years old! 

This grounded, talented and focussed young lady is developing her skills in order to qualify for an arts-focussed secondary school in the Lower Mainland.

Olivia has been singing and performing since she was a toddler.  She has performed at The Cultch and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

In her free time, she enjoys surfing, snuggling kittens and collecting unicorn everything!


Carson Richmond is a fairly typical 13 year old boy who has a hidden talent. He is a big fan of baseball and excelled as a pitcher. He won MVP as a pitcher for the opening tournament of the 2017 Little Mountain Baseball season. The day after the tournament, he decided he no longer wanted to continue playing baseball and wanted to focus his time on singing which was a huge surprise to his parents!


Fostered by the Richmond household's affinity for music, Carson has a huge passion for singing. He has started to teach himself the piano and will soon start lessons with the plan to expand to guitar in 2018. He is very excited and honoured to perform with YVR POP in NYC during the spring term.