I cannot give this choir enough praise. HIGHLY recommend. From the initial email contact to my first rehearsal, to my first anniversary of being in the choir, I have felt welcomed and engaged. The music arrangements and direction are extremely valuable and of the highest quality. We take ourselves seriously enough to work hard and sound amazing, but not too seriously - we're a goofy and ridiculous bunch. So much love!


This choir gave me the space to feel free. Not just creatively but on a spiritual level. The song choices are always great, the rehearsals are always fun, the people are always lovely. Even if I'm having a bad day and I'm really tired and I don't feel like singing, I just have to show up and start and it rejuvenates me right away. Even if you're not sure, come and watch a session. 


Since joining a few months ago, I have had a wonderful experience with this choir! Everyone is extremely supportive and nice, the rehearsals are always a lot of fun (including some cute animal friends), the harmonies are great, and the live band performances at the end of the term were awesome!

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