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Performance Coaching

for Soloists

Singers Circle is a group class where singers receive performance focussed coaching on:

  • Choosing the right song

  • Vocal technique

  • Vocal arranging / style

  • Storytelling and communication

  • Overcoming performance anxiety

  • Stage presence

  • How to better accompany your vocals on piano or guitar

  • How to work with an accompanist

  • How to prepare music charts 

In every class, you will be asked to sing a song. An accompanist will be provided at each class. If you can accompany yourself on piano or guitar, that will be encouraged.

We often view performance as an end result when in fact, each performance is also a practice. You must practice performing to get over the nerves surrounding it. This class will provide the performance experience you need to take your solo singing to the next level.

Singers Circle is taught by YVR POP CHOIR director Rebecca Lam (Speech Level Singing, IVA, international vocal coach) and Jared Suitor (Nashville, lead singer at The Roxy, BA of Music from Belmont University). Singers of all levels are welcome. 

Our mission is to have you sing with freedom and joy.

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